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Epic Rides Nepal, one of the pioneering Mountain Biking company in Nepal, with an objective of specializing in sport adventures including Mountain Bike Tours. Epic Rides Nepal has been successfully organizing quality mountain bike tours to the great biking destinations. In Nepal it covers most of the mountain biking areas including the ultimate “Annapurna Circuit ride”. It also offers Trans Himalayan rides of various duration that starts from Lhasa in Tibet and ends in Kathmandu.

It also offers Trans Himalayan rides of various duration that starts from Lhasa in Tibet and ends in Kathmandu.

Enduro Trails

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Local Experience

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Local Cuisine

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Our Team

Our team of Mountain bikers with over 15 years of experience


When we discovered Alex in his early adolescence, a civil war displaced, he lacked comprehensible language and skills to support himself in his new home. Since then, with his never-die spirit, he has taught himself two languages and bike repair skills and earned many friends and a profession. In the past sixteen years, he has grown into a fine gentleman, an adept mechanic, and an assistant mountain biking guide. He may sometimes be challenging to understand, but with his pleasant smile and an aura of charm, he never fails to amuse you when he is around.


Hidden behind an incessant shy smile and a gentle demeanor is a technical wizard that works wonders with his tools as our lead mechanic for the past twelve years. He spends most of his time in our well-equipped, world-class workshop, tinkering with his tools to keep our client's highly prized mountain bikes in top health and trail readiness. But during the tour season, he is blazing trails with our guests as a lead guide. He has formal training in adventure outfitting and first aid. A tour with him has always been reported to be worry-free and awesome.


A graduate of Environment and Information from Tokyo City University and a polyglot, our lead guide Manoj is a through-and-through storyteller. As a licensed guide, he led numerous tours throughout the country before his passion dragged him to mountain biking and transformed him into one of the finest tour leaders. He is well-trained in first aid and rescue services by 'Vigili di Fuoco rahexa.' He has a thorough knowledge of local culture, traditions, religion, history, geography, cuisines, flora, and fauna. The rides with him are thrilling and full of anecdotes, exciting stories, and well-timed humor. He is almost always ready to answer any question on destination.


When he started mountain biking in his teens, he was so awed that it led him to choose it as his life's goal. And his flagship company Epic Mountain Bike was born despite his University of Utah graduate father's serious reservations. The company started in an isolated corner of Patan city with a paltry budget, a solitary used bike, and a hotchpotch of bike parts collected hurriedly; have since become the most recognized and trusted name in the Mountain Biking community. So has Rupesh. The company now represents some leading mountain bike brands in Nepal.
To continue with the ethos, he, with his partner Birendra, founded a premium mountain bike tour company Epic Rides Nepal to provide high-quality mountain biking adventures in the Himalayas.


When Birendra met Rupesh long back, an enduring friendship was forged. Later, this friendship turned into a partnership that gave birth to Epic Rides Nepal, now a premium mountain biking tour company in Nepal. Now at the helm of the company's management as its CEO, Birendra brings in decades of experience in the tour and travel industry, having spent significant time designing and managing tour and adventure groups for a worldwide clientele. He has an extensive network of contacts in the tourism industry, a keen eye for details, and a deep understanding of our client's requirements.


MTB Guide/ Mechanic


MTB Guide/ Mechanic


MTB Guide


Founder & COO


Founder & CEO

Over 200 Happy Riders

We’ve served over 200 mountain bikers from all over the world. Here’s what they have to say about their experience

Rated 5/5 Stars on Tripadvisor

Epic Rides, Epic Service

This is a great company in every way. I can’t say enough good things about the way they treat not only its customers but its employees and community as well.

I have done shuttled rides around Kathmandu, and several multi-day trips in Mustang. Despite Nepal’s many infrastructure issues, this company bends over backwards to keep everything running smoothly. Their guides do all of the basic stuff very well, but that isn’t what impresses me the most about them. It’s the way they humbly and politely interact with the local people on the trail. Spending time with these guys, it quickly becomes apparent that they are in a league of their own. A league that serves, loves, and cares for everyone in their sphere of influence, and that as a corporate culture, is priceless. Definitely check these guys out.

Caleb S.

The United States

Passionate and Super Friendly!

If you are looking for a touring company that is just as passionate about Mountain Biking as you are, that will bring to you to the greatest trails and most scenic places you can imagine, and provides excellent equipment in case you can’t bring your own bike, this is your place. I rented in a Commencal Meta AM from their shop and had an awesome time.

The tours were very well planned, perfectly organized and absolutely mindblowing. Besides that, everyone in this company, from CEO to mechanic, is passionate about Mountain Biking, and super friendly. I came as a customer and left as a friend. I’d seriously come back to Nepal just to see you guys again and go for a ride! Thank you so much Epic Rides for this unforgettable experience!

Mike F.


Well supported Mountain bike rides

We had an 11-day MTB trip in Nepal, mainly in Lower Mustang with some rides in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Our guides and coordinator were adaptable and accommodating.

Bikes were ready when we arrived at Jomson. Guides arranged for us to drop out if needed and transportation was provided. Accommodation and food were good. A well-cared for, enjoyable, and incident-free trip. Highly recommended!

Chi W.


Cannot say enough good things about my many rides

I got the pleasure to go on several rides with Rupesh and his staff at Epic Rides Nepal. Amazing country, helpful staff, friendly and always looking to have a good time. Well planned out routes and guided by the best riders in the region. Hands down the best bike shop in Kathmandu (and I have been to all of them) to give you the support you will need for an excursion.

Cannot say enough good things about my many rides with this crew!

Nate D.

The United States



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